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Our UBR5 paper published in full: The Journal of Physiology

May 23, 2019|0 Comments

Our latest paper has been accepted and is now online in The Journal of Physiology! Click here for the paper!

Key points for the paper include:

We have recently identified that a HECT domain E3 ubiquitin ligase, named UBR5, is altered epigenetically (via DNA methylation) after human skeletal muscle hypertrophy, where its gene expression is positively correlated with increasing lean leg mass after training and retraining. 

In the present study we extensively investigate this novel and uncharacterised E3 ubiquitin ligase (UBR5) in skeletal muscle atrophy, recovery from atrophy and injury, anabolism and hypertrophy. 

We demonstrated that UBR5 was epigenetically via altered DNA methylation during recovery from atrophy. 

We also determined that UBR5 was alternatively regulated versus well characterised E3 ligases, MuRF1/MAFbx, at the gene expression level during atrophy, recovery from atrophy and hypertrophy. 

UBR5 also increased at the protein level during recovery from atrophy and injury, hypertrophy and during human muscle cell differentiation. 

Finally, in humans, genetic variations of the UBR5 gene were strongly associated with larger fast-twitch muscle fibres and strength/power performance versus endurance/untrained phenotypes.

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