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Current Members

Prof. Adam P. Sharples 

Dr. Adam P. Sharples (PhD) is a Professor (Full) in Molecular Physiology & Epigenetics at the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences (NiH), Oslo, Norway (Webpage). An institute that is ranked 2nd (out of 300) in the world for Sport & Exercise Sciences (link).

Adam’s research group were the first internationally to show human skeletal muscle possesses an epigenetic memory of muscle growth (hypertrophy) after exercise.

Professor Sharples research group investigates if skeletal muscle possesses a ‘memory’ within its DNA (in the form of epigenetic imprints) following exercise, and after muscle growth or wasting. They also investigate how novel molecules affect skeletal muscle growth and loss.

Professor Sharples currently has 10 million NOK funding from the Research Council of Norway to investigate if human skeletal muscle remembers periods of wasting with age.

He has published research in internationally renowned high-impact journals including: Aging Cell, FASEB J, Journal of Physiology, Scientific Reports (Nature), Scientific Data (Nature), Journal of Cachexia, Sarcopenia and Muscle (IF 10.7) and Biomaterials. He is an ex-professional Rugby League Player. He also undertakes Judo and Russian Sport Sambo in his spare time.

Adam has held a previous Reader (Associate Professor) position at Liverpool John Moores University within the top institute (RISES) in the UK for research quality (REF2014) in sport and exercise sciences. Adam has also previously been a Senior Lecturer in Cell & Tissue Engineering at Keele University, ISTM, School of Medicine, UK. ISTM Keele is an EPSRC Doctoral Training Centre for Regenerative Medicine, an Arthritis UK and European Centre for Excellence in Tissue Engineering and a UK Regenerative Medicine Platform Research Hub.

Dr. Daniel Turner (Post Doctoral Fellow)

Daniel is a Post doctoral fellow funded by the Norwegian Research Council to investigate if skeletal muscle as an epigenetic memory of wasting. Daniel’s PhD project (also in the Sharples Muscle Lab) was bioengineering three-dimensional (3D) skeletal muscle to mimic human exercise, where he validated the use of a novel exercise bioreactor using transcriptomic and epigenomic analyses. Outputs, PMID:  28158895 & 30367409, 31093990, 30862794, 32958812, 33052072, 33586196, PMID: 33679435, PMID: 33586196.

Piotr Gorski (3rd Year PhD Student)

Piotr’s project was initially funded by EPSRC/MRC to bioengineer an anabolically resistant elderly human skeletal muscle and investigate the underlying epigenetics of anabolic resistance in skeletal muscle. He is now fully funded at the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences (NiH) with Sharples. He will then knock-down/overexpress the genes identified in an attempt to rejuvenate elderly muscle to youthful muscle. Outputs, PMID: 31093990, 32958812, 33052072, 33586196, PMID: 33679435, PMID: 33586196.

Andreas Kasper (Final Year PhD Student)

Andy’s work is investigating if there is an  epigenetic ‘memory’ of skeletal muscle cells derived from anabolic steroid users, elite athletes, recreationally trained individuals versus untrained individuals in close collaboration with Professor Claire Stewart (LJMU, UK). Outputs, PMID: 28158895 & 30367409

Casey Sexton – PhD project (in collaboration with Prof. Mike Roberts, Auburn, USA) – Differential DNA Methylation in High-Load versus Low-Load Resistance Exercise to Failure.

Max Ullrich (MSc thesis) –  investigating the myonuclei specific methylome in human skeletal muscle with exercise

Chris André Sylstad (MSc thesis) – repeated testosterone dosing in skeletal muscle cells to identify retention of epigenetic information from previous steroid encounters.

Mohd Firdaus Bin Maasar: PhD project (in collaboration with Prof. Barry Drust PI and Dr. Andrew Houlton) – Influence of training load on exercise responses, adaptation and epigenetics. Outputs, PMID: 33679435.

Fiu Yen Wong: PhD project (in collaboration with Dr. Dominic Doran PI) – Nucleotide supplementation in humans and muscle strength, DNA damage and oxygen transport. Outputs DOI: Link

Previous Members / Affiliated Research Students

Dr. Robert Seaborne

Robert’s PhD project was defining the epigenetics (particularly DNA methylation) of skeletal muscle mass regulation in animals and humans. He published the first work to demonstrate human skeletal muscle has an epigenetic ‘memory’ of muscle growth (hypertrophy). Robert has gone on to undertake a post doc at Queen Mary University of London (QMUL), Genomics Institute and now holds a Research Fellowship at the University of Copenhagen. Robert continues a collaborative role on epigenetic memory project and the epigenetically regulated E3 ligase, UBR5, identified during his PhD, important in skeletal muscle mass regulation. Outputs: PMID: 29382913, 3037598727102569, 2882163230375987, 30367409, 30862794, book chapter (link1) (link 2), 31046515,  31093990,  31829831, 32658040, 32958812, 33052072, 33586196, PMID: 33679435, PMID: 33586196.

Dr. Hannah Dugdale

Hannah’s PhD Project was investigating the role of SIRT activator, resveratrol on skeletal muscle cell function under calorie restriction. Hannah has gone on to undertake post-doc’s at Oxford University and Kings College London. Outputs, PMID: 2918998426991744, 26538344, 31161726.

Dr. David Hughes

David’s PhD Project was investigating the cellular and molecular role of testosterone in aged muscle cells. David went on to undertake a post-doc at UCDavis with Prof. Keith Baar and is now at the University of Iowa with Prof. Sue Bodine undertaking work in ubiquitin ligases in skeletal muscle mass regulation, where he has just gained his own Assistant Professor role. David continues a collaborative role with the Sharples muscle lab on an epigenetically regulated E3 ligase (identified during Robert Seaborne’s PhD) important in skeletal muscle mass regulation. Outputs, PMID: 237143962653834423583027258660882634992426991744, 29189984 and book chapter (link), 31093990, 33052072.

Dr Mark Heariss: PhD project (in collaboration with Dr. Julian Louis PI and Prof. James Morton) – Manipulating carbohydrate availability and calorie restriction to enhance contraction induced mitochondrial biogenesis in human skeletal muscle. Papers PMID: 31046515, 32862503. Mark now holds a post-doctoral position at LJMU, UK.

Dr. Alex Brown: PhD project (in collaboration with Prof. Claire Stewart PI) – Repair and regeneration of skeletal muscle after damage. Alex now hold a post-doc position in the lab of Andrew Brack, UCSF, USA. Outputs, PMID 29110174, 30367409, 32958812.

Dr. Kelly Hammond: PhD project (in collaboration with Prof. James Morton PI)– The effects of reduced carbohydrate, high protein vs. fat availability on contraction induced mitochondrial biogenesis in humans.  Outputs, PMID: 27225627 , 2732702429757056 & 31364768.

Dr. Rob Allen: PhD project (in collaboration with Prof. Warren Gregson, PI, and Prof. James Morton) was entitled: The effects of post-exercise cold-water immersion on contraction-induced mitochondrial biogenesis in humans. Rob now holds a Lecturer Post at UCLAN.   Outputs PMID: 28546467 31161726, 29189984 & 2840695.

Dr. Samuel Impey: PhD project (in collaboration with Prof. James Morton, PI) – Nutritional modulation of contraction-induced alterations in mitochondrial biogenesis. Outputs, PMID: 27225627, 27327024 & 29757056. Sam is now a post-doc at Birmingham University.

Dr. Daniel Owens: PhD project (in collaboration with Prof. Graeme Close PI, Prof. James Morton and Prof. Claire Stewart) – Vitamin D and skeletal muscle: insights into function and regeneration. Daniel went onto do a post-doc at INSERM, France and returned to LJMU and now holds an academic/faculty post there. Outputs, PMID: 2650685226349924 & 26991744, 31093990, 32862503, 32958812, 33052072.

Dr. Neil Martin: PhD project (in collaboration with Prof. Mark Lewis PI and Prof. Vivek Mudera) – A tissue engineered human skeletal muscle model for use in exercise physiology. Outputs, PMID: 236431822456329722882433 & 28158895 & 30367409 & 33586196. Neil did a post doc at Loughborough University with Mark Lewis and has now been awarded a faculty position at the same institute.

Dr. Darren Player: PhD project (in collaboration with Prof. Mark Lewis PI and Prof. Vivek Mudera) – An in-vitro model for assessment of skeletal muscle adaptation following exercise related cues. Outputs, PMID: 24563297, 23643182 & 22882433. Darren did a post-doc at Loughborough University with Mark Lewis and now has a faculty position at University College London (UCL).

Current Collaborators

Professor Claire Stewart (LJMU)

Professor Jonathan Jarvis (LJMU)

Professor James Morton (LJMU)

Dr. Daniel Owens (LJMU)

Dr. David Hughes (University of Iowa, USA)

Professor Sue Bodine (University of Iowa, USA)

Dr. Leslie Baehr (University of Iowa, USA)

Professor Juleen Zierath (Karolinska Institutet, Sweden)

Dr. Nicolas Pillon (Karolinska Institutet, Sweden)

Professor Barry Drust (Birmingham University)

Dr. Yu-Chiang Lai (University of Birmingham)

Dr. Simone Porcelli (University of Pavia, Italy)

Dr. Michael Roberts (Auburn, USA)

Dr. Darren Player (UCL)

Dr. Neil Martin (Loughborough University)

Dr. Robert Seaborne (QMUL)

Dr. Robert Allan (UCLAN)